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USi.t. Infrastructure Business Essential

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In business, how you pursue your vision and your mission defines you. It creates that niche you desperately crave, taking you to and beyond each next level; and keeps you at the top of your game...sometimes for centuries. In this digital age, information is everything - the access to it, how quickly you get to it; what you do with it, how you keep and protect it etc. It spurts your growth, keeps you abreast of industry and keeps you ahead of the competition.

That is where USi.t.. Infrastructure comes in. We are your digital partner. You tell us what you want to do with information, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen. We'll get you connected to the information superhighway through the open/public network, or if you prefer, build you your very own virtual private network. Whichever is your choice, we keep you connected and keep your private digital information protected across rooms or floors, across town, or across the globe.


I.T. Infrastructure use experience and industry know-how to make sure you are properly connected to the information superhighway. We network your multiple workstations together and to the internet over a local area network or connect your multiple local networks together in a single network over a larger geographic distance. Should you require encryption to secure your sensitive information among users given access information, USi.t.. Infrastructure can secure you a virtual private network over the public internet or build you an intranet service to ensure your privacy and suit your purpose. 

Inter-connect and manage multiple computers locally (LAN) or bring multiple local networks together under one network over a larger geographic distance (WAN).  

Access public networks securely or connect to a remote network and become a node on that network. Data encryption allows Virtual Public Networks (VPN) to protect the integrity of private information over the public internet.


Set up a private network accessible only to your staff and keep your sensitive information away from the internet public. Build a focal point for internal communication and effortlessly deliver efficiency tools.


Connect voice, video and data with structured cabling of resources and equipment. Choose between copper and fiber optic cabling for clarity and durability. 


Keep your 'Confidential' confidential and your 'Private' private. USi.t. I.T. Infrastructure can enable encrypted solutions and viewing privileges for your employees and partners to protect what is yours and keep your edge over the competition. We can also provide integrated archiving solutions to back up your data on smart servers that handle hardware failures and power outages without missing a stride. If you are already an industry leader we have the expertise and resources to build you a new or upgrade your scalable data center efficient enough to connect hundreds of thousands of servers and handle the growing demands of your cloud computing. 

data center good cable.png

Which scalable Data Center Network (DCN) are you looking into? I.T. Infrastructure have knowledgeable and experienced data center infrastructure architects. We can provide Three-Tier, Fat Tree, DCell, BCube, Camcube, FiConn and Scafida DCN architectures where required. 


USi.t. Infrastructure technical crew are experts at listening to needs and designing collaborative media solutions unique to our clients' situation and engineered to drive them quickly to their business goals. When we listen to your requests, all our energy is directed to achieving two aims: birth your ideas and create an optimal user experience. So, if you need to set up a single conference hall or you need networked integrated media solutions for a whole campus, USi.t. Infrastructure will get you communicating with clarity in a short time. Our audio and video solutions include:

USi.t. provides telephone solutions using top-of-the-line phone systems to give you clear and easy access to that person of interest on demand. Be it analog or internet enabled voice communication protocols, we match hardware and software that facilitates ready and crisp channels. We will set-up telephone-enabled rooms for conferencing. We use integrated A/V technologies to provide simplified one-touch operations that require no extensive training. So now, you can meet/brainstorm with remote attendees at the touch of a few buttons. USi.t. will also set up your intercom and make your campus a single grid of audio inter-connectivity.

We provide digital media solutions through equipment that send uncompressed digital audio and video signals over a choice of CAT5e/6-based twisted pair copper wire or duplex multimode fiber cable. This supports both analog and digital signal types. With a selection of presentation systems, whiteboards and tablets, your training hall is fully equiped for easy set-up, and one-touch HD presentation. 


I.T. Infrastructure can provide you state-of-the-art campus and campus-perimeter security solutions in form of surveillance and access control. Be always aware not only of what is going on but also of who is going where. Day time and night time, geta strog corporate hold of movement within the campus and outsude of the campus' perimeters. 


I.T. Infrastructure will ensure that you are alive to events happening in and round your campus perimeters. Cameras in rooms, halls, hallways, and the outside perimeters ensure that you keep abreast of ongoing activities within the campus and even in the parking lot and the outside fringes of the campus perimeters for security-related purposes. 

Who gets to go where? We at USi.t. Infrastructure believe your management team has the sole right to decide. Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. Your business gets to determine  who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to enter and exit from, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Optical access controls, voice activated access, as well as card-access activation securely puts the power of you in your hands. 

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