Every day brings different challenges. So, it's natural for your mood and tone to change from time to time. What do you want to do today? Spend an 'us' time together sharing real movie experience in your theater, or would you rather do the 'me' thing - family individuals in their own private spaces, removed and yet connected?

Go ahead, do you

 Go ahead, do you

Let your music reflect your mood: listen to surround sound while lounging by the poolside or while firming up in the gym. Stream music and videos, game, surf, crawl, get creative, research, telecommute, even check the security of the perimeters of your home. Take control. Its your network and its secure. It's okay. Be yourself at any moment. Do you.

Keep Connected

Keep Memories

Connect and sync all your personal devices wirelessly. Set a connection rate of preference

Live-stream videos, movies and music for optimum entertainment experience., 

Enjoy a realistic movie theather experience at home in a room wired to bring pictures and sound to the highest levels of definition

Surround yourself with sound waves that distinguishes voice and instruments while presenting them in the highest level of harmony. Control your sound remotely.

Keep your memories and protect your sensitive information by manual back-up on hardware storage or automatic back-up to the cloud

Do what you need to - and in record time - on a password secured public wired or wirelsss broadband,

Keep Control

Protect yourself from unwanted intrusion with perimeter surveillance of your home.

Motion detection is 'light when you need it'. Stop burglary before it begins. A rustling? A movement? Intelligence lighting system has you covered. 

Be aware of what is going on at all times with remote viewing of your home on your hand-held device. Check up on the kids or bust ongoing crime from miles away all in a day's work.

Turn your home into a 'smart home'. Automate your sound, lighting, drapery, doors, air ducts, thermostat, pool, garage, gateetc. Nothing is off limits.