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For the past 10 years, USi.t. Infrastructure has consistently delivered innovative and comprehensive IT solutions in the Greater Houston area. We focus on the 'little things' that make your personal space smarter, as well as the 'big things' that promotes your business brand. USi.t. delivers quality wireless services in the most efficient way, and work collaboratively with clients to customize offerings to particular needs. Call our office, schedule an informative consultation with USi.t. and take full advantage of how we expertly partner and assist.

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Connect Data, Wifi, Audio & Video, customized to your goal and your budget. 

From the simple WiFi, to the more complex voice and cloud connection, USi.t. Infrastructure will collaborate with you to expertly deliver your wireless connection goals


Regulate tasks and make everything around you smarter by default. Deploy the awesome power of automation to suit leisure and business schedules.

Now that you're connected, take full charge. Control the experience with a gadget, or a look, or even a wave. Do it presently or remotely, but do it wirelessly.


We conduct regular risk assessments, install/update firewalls and encryptions, and optimize/secure your network from viruses designed to steal your personal and financial control

Protect self and business integrity from wireless probes, and breeches and from data loss. Sucure your wireless connections and keep yourself in control


Your information is safe and available from any location 24 hours of the day when you do not place any restrictions. Accessibility is your choice

Keep your digital information in any multiple formats of choice and make them accessible to all you have granted access to. Your information is safe and available from any location 24 hours of the day when you do not place any restrictions. ccessibility is your choice



Connect and sync all your personal devices  sharing a secure wireless broadband network; set up a surround audio and video-share configured to the specific needs of your home or business space; set-up and connect voice over internet protocols (VoIP) for clearer and safer voice communication; or set up a comprehensive security system for your home or office. USi.t. Infrastructure will work with your needs and provide market-relevant wireless solutions that are convenient, mobile, productive, expandable and secure at minimal costs. Enjoy voice and video connections ant the highest levels of definition backed up by hardware and software that physically protect you as well as protect your financial future.



Control is what you do with technology. USi.t. Infrastructure can help automate your space. You can automate your sound, lighting, drapery, doors, air ducts, thermostat, pool, garage, gate etc. Nothing is off limits. Keyless entry systems, voice activated controls, remote access, and digital personal assistance integration will provide for you critical measures of control. Control your home from mobile devices and use automation to make your space more comfortable and livable. Pre-program appliances and temperature settings, set up alarm systems, automate security systems and cameras, monitor live surveillance onsite or remotely, and engage in smart communication through real-time texts and alerts from your automated systems. Smart fire detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, pressure sensors, and other home automation security features can help protect your space from disaster.



Cyber security threats are more real and present in the current digital space. It is important that you and your business are both safe online as well as offline.  USi.t. Infrastructure's managed network security services can provide solutions that safeguards your digital information from malware and ransomware attack at all times by periodically scanning for vulnerabilities and deploying encryption strategies. Physically, USi.t. Infrastructure can help protect you from unwanted intrusion with perimeter surveillance. With motion detection, we help to stop burglary before it begins. Intelligent lighting systems are essential to your overall safety. You can also stay aware of what is going on at all times with remote viewing of your home on your hand-held device. Check up on the kids or bust ongoing crime from miles away all in a day's work.



Whether it is critical or non critical data, you need a safe place to 'bank' your digital information for easy future access. Where you keep your digital information determines how secure your financial and competitive edge remains in the future. USi.t. Infrastructure will use technologies that capture and retain your digital information on a storage media to back up your information in multiple desired formats. We base our professional storage advise to our clients on size of digital data and assessment of needs. We will back up enterprise-wide digital data to the cloud storage environment that can span multiple servers hosted in multiple locations. Your data will be accessible on demand from multiple locations and on multiple devices by all that have been granted access privileges to any specific information request. Our technical crew will walk you through this process and provide managed cloud services so that you get to worry only about other business decisions that grows your influence.

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